Street Photographer


The #My35mmViewfinder project is an analysis of the decisive moment, through the use of a cell phone camera combined with the viewfinder of an analogue SLR. The purpose is to bring the audience from the gallery wall, to the moment shared between the lens and the photographer. This is to capture the nature of the decisive moment from within the viewfinder. Moments occurring in the viewfinder don't always make it on film, and in fact, many more moments are left with only the photographer rather than captured and saved for viewing later. 

The ongoing project lives on Instagram and can be found here; there are also some videos that I refer to as Moments In the Viewfinder, which you can find here

On the right is the current feed of the project, currently considered an "updating digital contact sheet" with the most recent 35 images.

Hovering over images provides post information.

This project is to be considered a momentarian practice.