Sean-Andrew Zeus Pyle is from New York City. His interest in photography was provoked in high school and after graduating, he attended Savannah College of Art and Design where he received his Photography BFA. Since then, Sean-Andrew has been working in the New York commercial & fashion industry as an photo retoucher, digital tech, and photographer.

Surrounding Sean-Andrew's daytime work, he is consistently shooting in various formats while maintaining a growing undeveloped film archive from as recent as 2013. In addition to shooting regularly, he is constantly looking for opportunities to go beyond the gallery for presenting and sharing work in the physical world by approaching methods that act as an ode to street art. Since a lot of his personal work comes from the streets, Sean-Andrew sees it appropriate to return those moments, in a broad respect, to the streets they were conceived.

Currently employed as a photographer at Saks Fifth Avenue; While actively creating his own opportunities to display completed work to the public in an accessible manner, Sean-Andrew has been included in various exhibitions and publications. 


p:  (203) 273-9315