Street Photographer

New York

Zeus' affinity for New York City is crucial towards his path of growth and development with street photography. Documenting moments on the streets doesn't mean photographing every moment and consider it's significance. Capturing the moment requires anticipation, planning, and quick movements. Looking down the street and seeing an moment unfold leads to running ahead and physically time traveling forward, to capture a moments birth. 

That doesn't happen for every image, sometimes you're at the right place at the right time. Sometimes you're eating and you see a moment happening through a window, you reach for your camera in your bag because it's lunch. As you reach down, you proceed to knock your lunch over, causing A) a mess, B) a missed moment, C) a new unfortunate moment, D) a longing and yet acceptance of B.

It's not rocket science, it happens to people, like me, from time to time.

What's the point? Well, taking time to evaluate and/or anticipate moments, is the art of pre-visualization and capturing those moments. This body of work represents those moments anticipated, provoked, and stumbled upon. They are an ode to the original street photographers, not an idolization or imitation. The nature of the work is on film, which acts as a manner of pacing the work, and signaling the previously mentioned ode. The photographs are the visual expression of the artist representing the location of his roots, and what that ground encourages Zeus to express. 

Street Photography